City Maintenance Opening

Posted on Tuesday July 19, 2022
Maintenance job opening.

          City of Inman Job Description

Position: Utilities and Street Maintenance Worker


1. Demonstrate knowledge of the basic principles of construction, mechanics, maintenance, and preventive maintenance. Knowledge of operating equipment such as graders, tractors, backhoe, etc. is needed.

2. Must be able to lift a minimum of fifty pounds.

3. Reside within twenty (20) minutes of the Inman city limits within 6 months of hire.

Reports to:  Maintenance Supervisor


1. Operate and help maintain all equipment such as graders, backhoes, tractors, trucks, sweepers, oiler, etc.
    during street repairs, snow removal, ditch work and any other job being don during operations.

2. Assist in digging out for water service taps, leak repairs, fire hydrants, valves, etc. in these departments.

3. Assist all departments and personnel to complete the basic jobs of each department for which responsible.

4. Perform service and maintenance on each piece of equipment and keep adequate service records available
    on that equipment.

5. Obtain class 1 water and wastewater certification within 2 years. Willingness to
     work towards a class 2 certification in water upon completion of class 1 certification.

6. To assist in the safety program with regulations, equipment, record keeping, etc.

7. Willingness to work any emergency overtime and work weekend overtime at least every third weekend.

8. Be flexible and committed.

9. Understand that one works for the city. Utilities such as a water and wastewater run 24 hours per day. In
      order to keep services running, it may be required to be called out at any hour of the day or night. It may  
      interfere with weekend plans or holidays. One must be ready to be called on for assistance.

10. Be willing and able to perform any additional duties as needed.

11. Obtain National Incident Command System (NIMS) certification through FEMA.


Application form is located under Forms and documents, under the Government tab.

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